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Olson & Parent Funeral Home
Olson & Parent Funeral Home, Providence, Rhode Island, vaults caskets, cremation, cemeteries, funerals,
Funeral Home, Funeral Director, Funeral, Cemetery Cremation, Cremate, Crematory, Casket, Mortuary, Urn, Vault, Pre-arrange , pre-arrangement, underaker, motician, urns, caskets
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Olson & Parent Funeral Home.  Serving families of Rhode Island and Massachusetts with meaningful, appropriate and affordable funeral services.  Services Include: Traditional Funerals, memorial services, graveside funerals, direct cremation, cremation with services.  Pre-need and Emergency services 24 hours a day.  Family owned and operated at 417 Plainfield Street, Providence, RI.

Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to make the best decision for you and your family.

~We are an independently owned and operated licensed funeral home.  We are not affiliated with of a national or local chain funeral home.

~We are a progressive funeral home that allows for flexibility in funeral and cremation services.

~You will be working directly with the owner.

~We will explain all funeral and cremation options fully, while providing only the services you request.  If any law, cemetery or crematory requirements have required the purchase of additional items, we will explain the reason in writing..

~ A loved ones remains will  be transferred to our 417 Plainfield Street facility, not a centralized, or alternate location in another city or town.

~We will explain all arrangement options and costs over the phone or in person, with no obligation.

~We will gladly meet with you in your home, nursing home or other location to make at-need or pre-need funeral arrangements at your convenience.

~We offer many funeral and cremation packages to allow for a clear understanding of all costs associated with the funeral selections made.  All charges are itemized on the goods and services statement in accordance with our General Price List. 

~The funeral home serves as a residence of the owners, so the funeral home is occupied overnight.

~Funeral Director is licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

~We offer “green” burial services that have less of an impact on the environment.

~ We guarantee all funeral home expenses, including selected cash advance items, when arrangements are paid in full.

For families and individuals choosing Cremation Services.

We allow you to choose the crematory used.  We most often use Swan Point
Cemeteries crematory and cremation chapel located at 585 Blackstone Boulevard, Providence, RI.  When a death occurs in Massachusetts, we have worked with Duxbury Crematory located in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

We provide all inclusive Cremation Packages, with no hidden fees.  All packages are itemized on our General Price List.

Chapel service available for a committal service before the cremation takes place at Swan Point at no additional charge.

Cremains will be hand delivered to the next of kin or family representative throughout RI and Eastern Massachusetts at no additional cost.

We have hundreds of urns available through our Select Urns Website.  We will also arrange for the transfer of cremains to any of our urns  from a temporary, plastic container.

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