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Olson & Parent Funeral Home
.Olson & Parent Funeral Home.  Serving families of Rhode Island and Massachusetts with meaningful, appropriate and affordable funeral services.  Services Include: Traditional Funerals, memorial services, graveside funerals, direct cremation, cremation with services.  Pre-need and Emergency services 24 hours a day.  Family owned and operated at 417 Plainfield Street, Providence, RI.

When a death occurs, the first step is to notify us.  We will answer your immediate questions and gather pertinent information.  We will arrange for the transfer of the deceased to our facility.  It is important to note, once the initial call is made to the funeral home, we can give you ample time to allow family members, clergy, or friends to meet at the place of death.  We will come to the home only when you  have had enough time and are ready. 

Hospice care

If the death occurs at home where the deceased was under hospice care, the hospice nurse should be informed of the death.  Under normal circumstances, the nurse will come to the home and will provide guidance and support during a crucial time in the bereavement process.  The nurse will also coordinate with the primary care physician to obtain a death certificate to be filed by the funeral director.

A sudden or unexplained death

When a sudden death occurs, the first call should be made to the police (911) for instructions. The police or emergency personnel will contact the state Medical Examiners Office from the location of the death.  The deceased may be transferred to our facility once the remains have been released to us by the proper authorities.  If the Medical Examiners Office deems more information is needed to determine a cause of death, the deceased will transferred to the facility by the state. Once the remains have been released from the state office, our funeral home personnel will go to the Medical Examiners Office to transport the deceased to the funeral home at 417 Plainfield Street in Providence, RI

Nursing Home

If the death occurs at a nursing home or hospital,  a family member or nursing home staff member can notify us of the death.  We will come to the facility when you are ready and the institution releases the deceased to our care.

Olson & Parent Funeral Home will shelter the remains of the deceased, obtain all necessary permits and authorizations, complete and file the death certificate and meet with the next of kin or the entire family to consider all service options.  The funeral arrangements may be made at the funeral home or in the comfort of your own home.

Immediate Care
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